May 31st ~ June 18th, 2024

I am exhibiting my work at the NARS Foundation Main Gallery along with other amazing artists from around the world. If you find yourself nearby during the exhibition period, please stop by.


Curated by: NARS Curatorial Fellow shuang cai
Period: May 31st ~ June 18th, 2024
Opening Reception and Open Studios: Friday, May 31, 6-9pm
Venue: NARS Foundation Main Gallery

Growing is about change.
Growing is about staying the same.

Growing is gathering,
Each leaf, each box, each label
reads into a fables’ chain

Growing is repeating
An imagery, a pattern, or a technique

Growing is holding on to each moment,
while letting some of the others fade.

Growing from the body,
Embodied but alternatively.

One grows from mistake
but may also grow into another ache.

Growing could be about staying the same,
Or of course, making a change.

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