(Wed.) March 27th – (Mon.) April 8th, 2024

My new large work will be on display all over Japan.
I receieved the Incentive Award at this public entry exhibition. If you find yourself nearby during the exhibition period, please stop by.

Deep Structure

<Period>Wed.) March 27th – (Mon.) April 8th, 2024
<Venue>Mitsukoshi Department Store Main Store
<Hours>10:00am – 7:00pm[The last day will be closed at 5pm]
<Admission Fee>Adults: 800yen/College or high school students: 600yen[under middle school students are free]
<Organizer>Nihonbijutsuin (Japan Art Institute)


Nagoya4/13 – 21, 2024Matsuzakaya Art Museum
Akita4/24 – 5/5, 2024Akita Atorion
Sapporo5/8 -13, 2024Marui Imai Department Store, Sapporo Store
Kyoto5/22 – 27, 2024Takashimaya Department Store, Kyoto Store
Shimane6/15 – 30, 2024Adachi Museum of Art
Kurashiki7/3 – 7, 2024Kurashiki City Art Museum
Matsuyama7/17 – 28, 2024Iyotetsu Takashimaya
Sendai8/1 – 6, 2024Fujisaki Department Store
Yamagata8/23 – 9/1, 2024Tendo City Museum of Art
Niigata9/4 – 10, 2024Isetan Department Store, Niigata Store


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