September 1st ~ 17th, 2023

My new large work will be on display all over Japan.
I receieved the Incentive Award and Tenshin Memorial Ibaraki Award at this public entry exhibition. If you find yourself nearby during the exhibition period, please stop by.

Accidental Intaraction

<Period>September 1st ~ 17th, 2023
<Hours>9:00AM-5:00PM *Last entry is 4:30PM
<Venue>Tokyo Metropolitan Museum
<Admission fee>Adults:1,000yen, Ages 70 and over:800yen, Under collage students are free
<Organaizer>Nihonbijutsuin (Japan Art Institute)

Traveling Exhibitions

Shimane (East)(Sat)10.28 – (Sun)11.19.2023Adachi Museum of Art
Nagoya(Sat)11.25 – (Sun)12.03.2023Matsuzakaya Museum of Art
Kyoto(Tue)12.12 – (Sun)12.17.2023Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
Okayama(Tue)1.02 – (Sun)1.14.2024Tenmaya Department Store
Hiroshima(Thu)1.18 – (Tue)1.23.2024Fukuya Department Store
Yokohama(Sat)3.30 – (Sun) 4.21.2024SOGO Museum of Art
Shimane (West)(Sat)5.25 – (Sun)6.16.2024Imai art museum
Fukui(Fri)6.21 – (Sun)7.7.2024Fukui Fine Art Museum


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