Aug. 3rd (Wed) – Oct. 5th (Wed), 2022

Annex Special Exhibition, Adachi Museum of Art

Selection of Contemporary Japanese Paintings Ⅱ
Depicting Human Beings, with Multiple Motifs

My large paintings stored at Adachi Museum of Arts are now on displayed. If you find yourself in Shimane, please stop by.

The “human being” has long been an important subject of painting in both the West and the East. Painters have not only depicted figures as they look, but also expressed them combining with decorative elements. The contemporary Japanese painting world is no exception, where different motifs, including small objects, animals and plants arranged around the figures, and buildings behind them, play a great role in accentuating the human beings as subjects, and moreover, even their inner aspects are seemingly reflected through those motifs.

This exhibition will display works depicting human beings with various motifs: one depicts a female surrounded by colorful plants, and another takes a landscape as the subject but the existence of the figure is greatly impressive. We hope you will enjoy the various expressions of human beings, in which different motifs help individuate each work.

Adachi Museum of Art

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