Yoruhiru Sakura-zu | 夜昼桜図 2020

SIZE: H1800mm W900mm (各/二曲一双屏風)
YEAR: 2020
雲肌麻紙, 金箔, 銀箔, 顔料, 染料

TITLE: Yoruhiru Sakura-zu
SIZE: 70.8 x 35.4 inch (per panel/ four panel work)
YEAR: 2020
Kumohadamashi Japanese Paper, Gold and Silver Leaf, Mineral Pigments, Colourants



“For this work, I was inspired by Korin Ogata’s Kohaku Bai-zu. The temporal opposites of the right panel -featuring cherry blossoms at night, and the left panel -featuring cherry blossoms by day, are brought together side by side in a single cohesive work by a flowing body of water in the center of the piece. The gold throughout the background, silver of the water, and the cherry blossom petals -those arranged and those scattered about – are all meant to express the longing for immutable things and the sadness felt in the face of change.”


Exhibition View