Tagasode-Charm | 誰が袖-艶 2020

SIZE: H350mm W700mm
YEAR: 2020
雲肌麻紙, 岩絵具, 金箔

TITLE: Tagasode-Charm
SIZE: 13.7 x 27.5 inch (framed)
YEAR: 2020
Kumohadamashi Japanese Paper, Mineral Pigments, Gold leaves
This painting depicts autumn grasses, water crests, and a butterfly which I felt had a certain charm about it, which is where I derived the title for the work.

“For these fan paintings, I have also included drawn elements onto the background mat portion of the frame. Among the various picture mounting styles for Japanese art, there is one called kaki-hyogu, meaning ‘a picture mount that is drawn upon,’ and was particularly favoured by Rinpa-school artists. Originally, there existed the practice of painting decorative patterns upon the fabric border of paintings. It was this effect that I was aiming for in my own works here. So as not to interfere with the motif on the front-facing paper portion of my piece, I achieved my desired look by applying foils and colours to the reverse side of the silk.”