Spirited Dance – Arc | 乱舞-弧 2021

TITLE:乱舞 -弧-
SIZE: H1455mm W1120mm
YEAR: 2020

TITLE: Spirited Dance - Arc-
SIZE: 57.2 x 44 inch
YEAR: 2020
Kumohadamashi Japanese Paper, Gold Leaf, Mineral Pigments, Colourants

Ranbu, meaning ‘Spirited Dance,’ is a work that I have actually composed a number of times. The addition of the word ‘arc’ to the title, alludes to the shape of the moon I placed in the background. It was with this motif, the kimono-clad woman, that I first began my exploration of combining planar design elements with realistic expression. In previous versions of Ranbu, I had painted strong, powerful women. This time however, I imagined a woman who is graceful, and quietly reserved.”

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