Milky Way | 天の川 2020

SIZE: H350mm W700mm
YEAR: 2020
薄美濃紙, プラチナ箔, 顔料, 染料

TITLE: Milky Way
SIZE: 13.7 x 27.5 inch (framed)
YEAR: 2020
Thin Mino Japanese Paper, Platinum Leaf, Mineral Pigments, Colourants

This painting features decorations typical of the Tanabata festival in Japan. During the celebration, star ornaments adorn the branches of broad-leaf bamboo (sasa) and create a decorative pattern. Each of the ornaments holds a person’s prayers and aspirations which I feel are so very precious.

“For these fan paintings, I have also included drawn elements onto the background mat portion of the frame. Among the various picture mounting styles for Japanese art, there is one called kaki-hyogu, meaning ‘a picture mount that is drawn upon,’ and was particularly favoured by Rinpa-school artists. Originally, there existed the practice of painting decorative patterns upon the fabric border of paintings. It was this effect that I was aiming for in my own works here. So as not to interfere with the motif on the front-facing paper portion of my piece, I achieved my desired look by applying foils and colours to the reverse side of the silk.”