Emergence | 羽化 2020

SIZE: H1000mm W1000mm
YEAR: 2020
雲肌麻紙, 岩絵具, 染料, 金箔

TITLE: Emergence
SIZE: 39.3 x 39.3 inch
YEAR: 2020
Kumohadamashi Japanese Paper, Mineral Pigments, Colourants, Gold leaves



“Although in my painting I frequently combine elements of realism with the unreal, however in this painting, I super-positioned the butterfly pattern on the woman’s kimono with the kuroageha butterfly in the upper left portion of the composition. This is intended to express flying from a world that is resplendent but confined, to a real world that is free but harsh. The position of the woman is based on an image of an egg or seed, and is meant to imply that she will spring forth like a young sprout in the spring.”