Bamboo Cutter | 竹取の 2020


SIZE: H550mm W900mm
YEAR: 2020
美濃美濃紙, 杉, 岩絵具, 金箔, 染料

TITLE: Bamboo Cutter
SIZE: 21.6 x 35.4 inch
YEAR: 2020
Thin Mino Japanese Paper, Cedar, Gold Leaf, Mineral Pigments, Colourants



The title of this work comes from the famous classical work Taketori Monogatari,or, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. The upper third of the piece is made of cedar board, while the lower third substrate is made of thin mino Japanese paper. For the minopaper portion of the piece, I employed a technique called urahaku, meaning that the gold leaf is pressed against the back-side of the paper. In doing so, the gold becomes visible in between the patterns of the bamboo which is meant to allude to the shining kaguya-hime within the bamboo.

Exhibition View