Awakening | 覚醒 2021


SIZE: H830mm W690mm
YEAR: 2021
雲肌麻紙, 薄美濃紙, 岩絵具, 金箔, 染料

TITLE: Awakening

SIZE: 32.6 x 27.1 inch (framed)
YEAR: 2021
Kumohadamashi Japanese Paper, Thin Mino Paper, Mineral Pigments, Gold leaves, Colourants
Private Collection

バタフライシリーズ – ここ2年ほど蝶を描いています。蝶を描いた作品には不安と期待の両方が入り交じっています。最初蝶を描き始めたきっかけは、ネガティブな感情からでした。得体の知れないものが自分の周りを取り囲んでいるような、そんな恐ろしい気持ちを表現したくて描き始めました。しかし、ここ最近になって、なにか自分の中で新しい気持ちが芽生えてきて、自然と出来上がったのがこれらの作品です。あとで知ったことですが、蝶は古来より死と復活、両方の象徴だそうです。

Butterfly series – In the last two years, I have been playing around with the expression of butterflies. There is a coexistence of both anxiety and hope in the butterfly paintings. When I first started to paint butterflies, they came from negative emotion. I was feeling awful at that time as if something unintelligible was surrounding me.However, recently, positive new thinking has been growing inside of me, and these works were completed naturally from a blend of all of my experiences.Actually I found out later that butterflies have been a symbol of death and rebirth since oriental ancient times.

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