September 5th~November 19th, 2023

The work “Yoru hiru sakura-zu” exhibited in New York in 2021 will be on display for the first time in Japan. If you find yourself nearby during exhibition period, please stop by.

Exotic Women
Contemporary Portraits Exhibition

Light can evoke different feelings in our hearts according to delicate changes. The sunshine brightening can warm heart, while moonlight in the dark night sky can attract us with its mysterious beauty. When the surroundings are brightened by light, various shadows can be created in complex shapes, and even familiar sights cannot be sometimes seen as the usual.
This exhibition will show works with various expressions of light and shadow, which are depicted by contemporary Japanese painters. They express both the sunshine and moonlight, as well as the shadows created by them, silhouettes of human beings and objects, a strong light perceived when you turn your eyes from the inside to the outside. We hope that you will enjoy the fantastic world woven by light and shadow.

Sato Sakura Museum

Period:September 5th~November 19th, 2023
Venue:Sato Sakura Museum, Tokyo
Organized by:Sato Sakura Museum
Supported by:Meguro Tourism Association
Hours:10am-5pm (Last Entry is at 4:30pm)
Closed:Monday, (Open: Sep. 18, Oct. 9, Closed: Sep. 19, Oct. 10)

The work to be exhibited
Exhibition view


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