March 2nd – May 7th, 2023(Toyama, Japan)

This is a group exhibition by seven Japanese Nihonga painters. Four to seven large works will be exhibited each.

Selene Museum of Art
6-3 Unaduki Onsen, Kurobe City, Toyama, Japan

【Admission fee】 adult 800yen -1000yen/high school and college students 600yen/under junior high school students are free
【Organizer】 Kurobe Unazuki International Hall SELENE・Selene Museum of Art/General Incorporated Association Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Tourism Bureau

【Works to be exhibited】

「Meguru (Changing of the seasons)」(2018)
「Umeko’s background」1750mm×2200mm | 68.9in×86.6in (2013)

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