Jan 26 (Thu) ,2023- Apr 25(Tue), 2023

Annex Special Exhibition https://www.adachi-museum.or.jp/

One of my works recieved Adachi Museum of Art Award is on view. If you find yourself nearby, please stop by.

Since 1995, Adachi Museum has administered the “Adachi Museum of Art Award” as part of Exhibition of the Japan Art Institute (Inten), in order to contribute to the development of Japanese art and the cultivation of promising painters of Japanese painting. For this award, the museum selects excellent works from Inten exhibits every year, and purchases these works. Since 2005, the museum has also administered the “Spring Adachi Museum Award,” for which works are selected from Spring Inten.
This exhibition will display a succession of Adachi Museum Award winning works all together. Please appreciate the works by painters who are taking over the Japanese art world for the next era, many of whom are new faces among our collection.

Moon Drops

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